Thar Education Alliance (TEA) is a not-for profit organization registered under the Societies Act XXI (1860) in June 2017 and approved by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) in November 2023. TEA is dedicated to empowering every Pakistani girl to dream big and aspire for a secure future. It aims to create a society where girls are free to have access to quality education and play a leading role in social transformation. By forging dynamic partnerships with institutions and community-based organizations, TEA strives to facilitate girls overcome extreme poverty and cultural barriers so that they could have sustained access to learning opportunities. TEA works in collaboration with communities, governments, and partner organizations at different levels to explore all dimensions for the provision of education to deprived girls.

Deriving strength from worldwide reach, 06 years of combined experience, extensive education portfolio in the form of Champions for Change network, Schools, and Counseling Initiative, and substantial partnerships both national and international, TEA is striving to develop modern learning resources and equip girls with knowledge and life-learning skills. TEA also imparts training to teachers and school administrators with the sole aim of providing quality education besides ensuring the capacity building of girls in STEM, Modern Technologies, and Climate Change. TEA also advocates at the local, national and international levels for resource mobilization and policy shifts aimed at ensuring and improving access to education for girls, especially hailing from the marginalized strata.

Having prominent educationists, businessmen, philanthropists, and Entrepreneurs experts as its Board Members, TEA follows a rights-based approach for girl’s education and community’s advocacy. Its prime objective is to facilitate quality girls’ education so that they could overcome traditional barriers. TEA ensures that its entire activities and programs are ingenious, resourceful, evidence-based, achievable, and quantifiable.