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Improved Math and Science Education for Girls in Tharparkar

Thar Education Alliance with the support of Malala Fund started a project to advocate improved math and science education for girls in Tharparkar. Thar Education Alliance trained 50 youth Female education promoters/ Champion for Change (CFC) and formed a Network of 250 Volunteers from District Tharparkar to address and overcome the issues of Girls Education. Thar Education Alliance also engage inhabitants of selected areas including Union Council Mithirio Bhatti, Chelhar, Malanhore Vena and Diplo to develop understanding that how science and Maths for girls can improve their socio-economic conditions of the village. Engagement with key stakeholders including politicians, Government officials , education experts private cooperation, researchers, policy makes , mainstream media and social media to create a wave for improved Science and Math condition in primary to High School level. Thar Education Alliance conducted village’s awareness session with female activists to sensitize them on education issues in local areas and engage them to form Champion for Change group to redress these issues.

Thar Education Alliance with the support of USIP started a project to Children Action towards Peace in Tharparkar. Train 50 Children of age 14 + from four public sector secondary schools in four union councils Trained Children will make a Children Assembly and Peace Club in their respective Schools and will undertake 50 Social action Plans on theme of Social Cohesion , Pluralism , Peace promotion , interfaith harmony , tolerance and diversity. Children Parliament Session with Parliamentarians on Women Rights , Minority Rights, Composite Heritage and Nutrition .Exposure visit to Hyderabad for visiting historical places . Visit to Sindh Assembly Session and meeting with Different Ministers for sharing Children Parliament Activities.

Thar Education Alliance has completed its first phase of “COVID-19 Community Relief Program” by delivering 381 ration packages to deserving households in three villages of Taluka, Islamkot and Mithi. These villages were the worst hit due to lockdown situation amid Coronavirus pandemic and daily wage earners were desperately looking for such relief package. Each ration package includes food items sufficient to cover four to six weeks of nutritional needs for a family. The packages were delivered at the doorstep of 381 eligible beneficiaries in line with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) set by the Government of Sindh.
Thar Education Alliance is supporting government interventions and implementing COVID-19 response with the help of our volunteers and team. TEA has conducted 50 awareness sessions in various village of Taluka Islamkot and Mithi. Sessions were attended by 1967 Male, 1243 Female and 2730 School Going students. Going forward, we continue to build on the work which we already done make sure everyone, everywhere understands the value of proper hygiene, specifically focusing on: Creating a call to action for cleaning hands with soap at critical times, additionally alerting people to be more careful, self-responsible and be responsible towards others. Developing and disseminating frequent messages related to hygiene behavior across media and social media platforms in two main categories: information and prevention. Taking a ‘do no harm’ approach, i.e. no community engagement/people to people contact to reduce the possibility of spreading the virus and providing technical support to government-led hygiene initiatives.

Take a Child to School Project of British Council
Thar Education Alliance conducted enrolment and retention verification under Take a Child to School project in 14 Districts of Sindh with United Engineers (UE). Thar Education Alliance conducted enrolment and retention verification in Tharparkar, Umerkot, Mirpurkhas, Badin, Sanghar, Thatta, Tando Allahyar, Sujawal , Karachi, Hyderabad , Jamshroro , Matiyari, Shaheed Benazir Abad and Khairpur.

The research study was conducted in partnership with organizations with presence in the selected region, therefor sampling was purposive. The survey was conducted In July and August, 2020 Thar Education Alliance with the support of Malala Fund surveyed a sample of 1598 households through both door to door 48% and telephonic 52% interview survey methods. Within each household, interviewers spokes with one parent and one child (where permission were granted). The asked parent’s questions pertaining to: (i) their social and demographical profile (ii) the impact of COVID-19 closures on the economic status of the family and (iii) the receipt of support from government and civil society. Children were asked about their: (i) education profile (ii) access to and use of technology (iii) continuation of learning during lockdown and (iv)time use. They survey participants included 1,600 adults and 1592 children. They goal of this research was to better understand they ways in which the pandemic has impacted students and their families in Pakistan, with a particular emphasis on Girls.

Thar Education Alliance with collaboration of USEFP conducted live zoom session for the awareness of girl’s student to study in USA, Importance of STEM Education and Communication skills though different interactive sessions. Four different live sessions were conducted with volunteers, students, youth and parents.
First session was conducted on 5 steps to study in USA where 39 female participated in the session from different schools to understand policies and procedures for study in USA. STEM session, Fulbright panel discussion and communication tools were also conducted.